Juno Roome’s ‘Just Like Before’ is a smooth balm for the soul

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Juno Room recently released ‘Just Like Before’, a chill bedroom pop single with a unique atmosphere and sound. Combining Korean and English lyrics, super soft falsetto vocals and non-formulaic songwriting, ‘just like before’ is a wistful gem that is bound to linger with the listener.

Remarking on the release, Roome says:

“This is the first song that I had written in both Korean and English. I moved to the US when I was 10, so I don’t speak Korean very well at all; so when I wrote the first draft of this, I sent it to my mom for review and she said “this doesn’t make any sense,” I still don’t know if it makes a whole lot of sense haha. But this one is about missing a relationship that didn’t quite work very well, missing their shadows on your skin, thinking back on those memories / intimacy fondly, while at the same time with the awareness that it probably wasn’t for the best… loss is hard no matter what.”

The opening with Korean lyrics and breathy vocal style immediately captures your attention. The vocals are underscored by a bedroom-pop/shoegaze bed of hazy guitars, soft but tight drums and the surprise addition of soft trumpet melodies which immediately invoke a sense of nostalgia. This is in line with Juno’s previous releases, which are all adept at creating a special mood of delicate beauty and plaintive melancholy.

The track has a bold runtime of 4:26 in an era of ever shortening releases, however the song structure contains some interesting sections that keep you engaged, and the song is over before you know it. Even in the sections where one doesn’t understand the lyrics, the soothing music acts like a salve for the soul.

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Reno Cruz serves new heavenly love song with ‘Around U’

‘Around U’, from the album ‘Falling In Love is Not That Hard’, was released by Chicago-based recording artist, Reno Cruz at the beginning of the year.

After a short introduction that sets the celestial theme, the single immediately grabs your attention with the bold use of creative effects on the voice: a baby-like effect in the introduction guides us through, to reveal Reno’s smooth, unprocessed vocals, reinforced by blissful harmonies.

Cosy verses, backed up with acoustic guitar, bass and drum kit, contrast the choruses, which feature extra reverb, dreamy backing vocals and breathy, wind-like synthesisers. 

On the track, Cruz remarks:

“I wanted to channel this feeling of being the less powerful body in a relationship, like a satellite or a comet orbiting a star. There’s the tension between heaven and earth, fantasy and reality.”

The choruses certainly succeed in giving the feeling of floating in space. At only 2:18, ‘Around U’ is a short but sweet dose of chill downtempo indie, ending abruptly with the punchline, “You’re the Sun and I’m your Moon / If we try, I’d just be orbiting around you”.

This is a short but sweet love song that leaves the listener wanting more. We recommend checking out Reno Cruz’s full album, ‘Falling In Love is Not That Hard’.

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The Lovelines release enthralling single ‘Dark Thoughts About a Pretty Flower’

The Lovelines, a brother and sister duo new to the scene, released “Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower” on Valentine’s Day in 2022, following on from their successful debut, “Strange Kind of Love” at the start of the year.

The blend of jazzy, soulful vocals over live band elements, driving trip-hop rhythm section, angular chord changes, electric guitar and quirky song construction is very engaging, and takes the listener through a solid melange of influences and genres in a few short minutes. The repeating lyrics, especially in the chorus (“dark thoughts, pretty flowers”), serve almost like a hypnotic spell sung by a musical enchantress whose vocal tone recalls a delightful blend of Amy Winehouse and Arlo Parks.

On the meaning of the song, the Lovelines remark:

“‘Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower’ was written to be free to interpret. There’s an art to not saying too much, we think. Is it a song above love or is it a song about a literal flower? Is it a song about pessimism, or is it a song about perversion?”

The Lovelines are for sure an exciting new project that brings a fresh sound to the table, and is already doing great on Spotify by being featured in several editorial playlists.

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Jake Huffman releases nostalgic indie rock anthem ‘Giving it a Try’.

Jake Huffman’s dreamy single “Giving it a Try” is a nostalgic, yet feel good indie rock anthem. Released on the 25th of March, Huffman’s latest offering is part of the upcoming “Adderall & Whisky” EP, an homage to an untamed dreamer traveling the country in a young rock band.

Jake Huffman, known as the drummer for Hartford-based rock band McLovins, started his solo venture in 2019 with his first release premiered on NPR’s World Cafe in October of that year. With touring plans cut short in 2020, Huffman spent his new-found time honing his songwriting and production skills in his home studio, resulting in the EP “Adderall & Whisky”, which is due to release later in April.

‘Giving it a Try’ is a fine showcase of Huffman’s Chris Martin-esque vocals, ranging from husky and hushed verses, leaping up an octave to a more held back, earnest tone in the pre-choruses and letting loose in the choruses. The passionate singing is backed by vibrant electric guitars, driving bass and hard-hitting drums, all brimming with the kind of energy that deserves to be unleashed on a concert arena.

Huffman’s aching nostalgia towards his earlier years touring with McLovins is felt strongly. It is there in the stylistic nods to the 90s and 2000s and the music we grew up to, it is there in the lyrics, and it is there in the emotion in his voice. It’s a feeling shared by a generation, in an era of copy-paste songwriting, faux-retro synthesisers and TikTok, “Giving it a Try” is an offering that is sure to resonate with millennials.

“Giving it a Try” is available on all platforms now!

Majesty Palm bring out atmospheric energy with new single ‘Peace of Mind’

Majesty Palm release ‘Peace of Mind’, a vibrant blend of indie-pop, new wave and funk. The Glasgow-based duo, comprising of Olivia McCosh and Cameron Robertson, take influences from the likes of Sigrid, The Japanese House or The 1975.

‘Peace of Mind’ opens with a thumping, almost hypnotic club bass, topped with Olivia’s dreamy vocals, treated with atmospheric reverb and delay. It builds up with gritty disco claps, to take a different direction in the pre-chorus, with Cameron’s indie guitar.

The track excels at creating contrast between the moody verses and the big, electrifying choruses, with a dynamism that keeps the listener involved throughout. The chorus blossoms into a high-energy wall of sound, with a full dance kit, tight backing vocals, enveloping synths and a guitar part that provides a perfect complement to the vocal hook, filling in the gaps in a most gratifying way.

Majesty Palm self-produce their material and experiment with combining a variety of different musical styles to create something new. This certainly leads to interesting and unique results which stand out amongst the crowd, as heard in their new single. The production is polished and actual, with plenty of low end, saturation effects and a pushed limiter, giving the track a kind of satisfying lo-fi effect, but with a fresh, pop quality and plenty of energy evocative of the club.

Olivia’s vocals, soulful with a crisp edge, have that mainstream appeal, the kind that turned Dua Lipa or Rita Ora into super stars. Add into the mix a catchy top line, driving beats, big synths and a super funky bass, and you’ve got yourself an excellent banger.

The band have got three singles lined up for the year, starting with ‘Peace of Mind’. With promises of live sessions featuring two stripped-back tracks, we will be keeping a close eye on Majesty Palm’s socials, and suggest that you do too:

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Ear Candy’s debut single is three minutes of indie-pop done right

UK-based indie-pop producer and singer-songwriter Jamie Jordan is the mastermind behind Ear Candy – a new music project hitting the ground running in 2022 with a January debut entitled ‘Over You’.

Self-described as like if “day glow had an inappropriate love child with panic! at the disco”, the artist promises to deliver indie pop enthusiasm and an energetic alternative edge.

‘Over You’ is about heartbreak, but in a light, “beat myself up about it” kind of way. On the subject of the song, Jordan remarks:

This track is about how i would constantly let myself be led on by girls that were no good for me. It would leave me stuck getting over them and I would have no one to blame but myself.

The track opens with a modern, warbly vocoder and a lead vocal autotuned as an intentional effect that instantly grabs your attention and satisfies the eardrums. The classic descending-bassline chord progression is like some kind of robot daft punk Beatles mashup, a mixture of modern and familiar. When we hit the verse, the doors open to dreamy indie guitars and punchy drums and we are firmly in indie-pop territory.

Jordan’s voice soars up to an earnest falsetto for the chorusses which sounds great, and provides contrast. We hear more of his falsetto in the later ad libs, which showcase a crazy vocal range. The backing vocals are cleverly crafted, especially the use of short vocal interventions drenched in reverb to add an enveloping, nostalgic vibe.

The second verse is different to the first one – it’s a snappy, almost-spoken section, reminiscent of 2000s pop punk, that lifts up the energy after the chorus and again, provides a nice contrast before the second chorus kick in. What follows is a middle-8 with a return of the robo-Beatles, followed by a half-time almost-breakdown (this song has everything!).

We actually thought the surprising song structure to be very effective: the short and varied sections help to keep the energy up, and constantly engage the listener. The wordless hook at the end cleverly ingrains the melodies of the chorus to memory, and cements the status of this song as ‘ear candy’.

‘Over You’ is definitely an exciting debut, and we look forward to what is coming next!

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The Pink Nostalgia captures hearts with wistful love song, ‘Kodak’

The London-based artist – and it is an artist, not a band – has just released ‘Kodak’, a single featuring graciously melodic vocals reminiscent of The Smiths’ Morrisey, over a sonic bed of soft guitars and keys and driven by a crisp drumbeat. The song is about capturing a fleeting moment with a loved one, living in the moment and cherishing it by capturing it on an old Kodak camera. 

The project is headed up by talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Joseph James, who sat down in his home studio with one thing in mind: to write a catchy love song for people to sing back to him:

“It is a bright indie pop song for those newly in love, and sounds like a fusion of The Smiths and The 1975. It’s about taking a photo, and saving that memory or moment you shared with that person forever. Nothing feels purer than that.”

The track has a timeless quality to it, with an understated and not overcomplicated arrangement, straightforward structure and production that lets the vocals and the lyrics speak for themselves. This 1980s Madchaster-nostalgia combined with some modern sensibilities really defines The Pink Nostalgia as an artist, as does the retro imagery that accompanies this single (lo-fi analogue black and white photography).

The clue is in the name of both the single and the artist – having this clear direction for the project really works, and will certainly turn the heads of many fans of 1980s indie looking for fresh meat. It is a refreshing contrast to the often overused 80s revival we have seen in recent years that leans more toward electronic synthesiser and drum machine based tropes that defined the decade (looking at you, The Weeknd!).

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Air Circus (feat. DJ Maisie Mais) – ‘The Last Time’

Bournmouth-based duo Air Circus share a refreshing take on pop with their latest collaboration with DJ Maisie Mais.

The group, comprising of Adam Adrian, Dan Follant and collaborator Maisie Mais, have just released the single, which is a wonderfully bizzare combination of eclectic layers and instrumental elements, all tied together by Maisie’s sweet, straight-forward-pop voice.

DJ Maisie Mais performed the lead vocals

The instrumental is a throbbing culmination of warped and detuned, jangly guitars, bouncing electronic elements and retro off-beat synth bass, and the vocals are very Lily Allen. The chorus contains an ingenious instrumental hook intertwined with catchy vocal melodies, on top of a bouncy, fabulously danceable rhythm.

The production draws inspiration from artists such as FINEAS (brother and producer of Billie Eilish), who uses found sounds to create instrumental parts, such as striking a matchstick to create a snare drum sound. Air Circus used the sound of a deoderant can discharging to create a hi-hat sound. It took many takes to get the sound they wanted, and it wasn’t long before they had to open a window.

The track was written and recorded over lockdown, but unlike Leeds-based duo Lines of Flight, Air Circus did not find that working separately really got the creative juices flowing. UK restrictions were only allowing separate households to meet up outside at the time, so the solution? Set up a recording studio in the garden. In fact, two gardens, one at each home. Every part (excluding the vocal, which Maisie Mais recorded at her home and sent over) was recorded outside in this way, with the result that some birds and neighbour sounds can be heard in the recording.

On the meaning of the song, Air Circus explain:

“The Last Time’ explores Maisie’s experience of holding desperately onto friendships and relationships, despite knowing that theoutcome of every single day will be an argument. This self-awareness acts as a sounding board of frustrations, questioning whether she will make it ‘the last time’ or keep getting hurt.”

‘The Last Time’ really is a refreshing take on pop; unusual, interesting yet infectiously catchy. It is the first release as part of a larger project, and we are looking forward to seeing what else will come out of it.

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Freddy Hall – ‘Something Good’

Brooklyn-based artist Freddy Hall answers lockdown loneliness with determined optimism in upbeat, Motown inspired single, ‘Something Good’.

The first release in anticipation of upcoming album, ‘Dazy’, Hall delights us with a refreshingly retro track arranged for big band in the style of Amy Winehouse and Motown artists such as Stevie Wonder or The Supremes. Produced by Anthony ‘Rocky’ Gallo (John Legend, Cigarettes After Sex, Gavin DeGraw) and featuring the wonderful horns arrangement of Broadway director Cian McCarthy (Moulin Rouge, The Book of Mormon), ’Something Good’ takes a stand against what Hall describes as the ‘loneliness epidemic’. 

The bright, upbeat arrangement is contrasted by Hall’s dreamy indie vocals, and honest lyrics:

“I don’t need much, I just want something good. I’ve been on my own for way too long, and well, something good might stay, yeah, something good might change how I’m feeling now.”

The arrangement is an interesting blend of 70s soul and indie pop, and it’s refreshing to hear a recording with so many live elements – all the parts are recorded by live players. McCarthy has arranged the horns masterfully, adding wonderful texture, depth and dynamics to the track with bouncing counterpoints and filling the gaps with joyful bursts of melody. Gallo’s production is also top-notch, with a crisp and clear mix that jumps out of the speakers, and the nice additions of crowd ambience contribute to the message of the song – by adding an atmosphere of live performance, one thing we’ve all been missing throughout the pandemic.

Of all the artistic responses to Covid we’ve seen this year, this one stands out. While many have fully embraced themes such as the ticking clock and boredom, our powerlessness in the face of the situation or the loneliness of isolation, this track boldly antithesises these simultaneously acknowledging them in a tasteful way. The song is about the innate human need to socialise and connect with others.

On the release, Hall says:

“This song has been swirling in my head for many years now but I didn’t know exactly where to take it. I revisited it a few months into isolation and everything just poured out. […] This track has a fun sound juxtaposed with a serious, at times too-honest, and very relateble theme. At the end of the day, don’t we all just want ‘Something Good’?”

The track is also accompanied by a charming stop-motion music lyric video featuring magazine cutout lyrics and a lego concert:

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Lines of Flight – ‘Heading Out To You’

Separated by lockdown but connected through technology, Lines of Flight have achieved something special: producing an album worth of material with nothing more than an iPhone each and an internet connection.

The Leeds-based duo, comprising of Matthew Henderson (vocals & synths/programming) and Helen Whale (vocals), met online and began collaborating using the free GarageBand app which comes pre-installed on the iPhone, sending files to each other via WhatsApp and recording vocals using iPhone headphones and mics. By the time the duo finally met each other, they had already written five songs. Five more followed to create a ten-track album, ’Signs of Life’, which Lines of Flight have since had mixed by Leeds-based producer Ed Heaton, are putting out one track at a time throughout 2021.

Track number three is ‘Heading Out To You’, which was recently dropped on Spotify:

‘Heading Out To You’ is a dreamy synth-pop track that calls back to 80s artists such as Depeche Mode, awash with retro synths and underscored by a dramatic piano and computerised drum beat. The vocals are produced in a lo-fi way, which on first listen I thought was a conscious, artistic decision that works rather nicely, rather than due to working around the limitations of iPhone microphones. Multiple layers of vocals fill out the sound nicely, and when coupled with a lo-fi effect, you get that washy sound popularised by artists such as Sufjan Stevens. It’s also nice that the vocals are not over-produced, and still retain that human touch.

The song itself is about yearning for escape. Of the track’s origins, Matthew writes:
‘This song came about following a drive out to the north-east coast. I was reminded of driving up Sutton Bank in the snow, in a wonderful old car that my dad drove – a 1970’s Datsun Laurel. It felt so luxurious! At the time I was driving to a party and all the anxieties of that I had as a teenager, but in the song I reposition it to be my final drive to reach my dad – to be reunited with him, in his car – to travel to the ‘other side’ as referenced in the song (which in itself is a reference to the ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ joke – the dark existential humour of ‘to get to the other side’, always appealed to me). I did this by remembering that when I was driving to the party I nearly crashed – which I then reframed as a means to reaching my dad.’

‘Heading Out To You’ is also accompanied by a music video directed by Amy Cutler, which was also filmed on (you guessed it) an iPhone:

It’s great to hear how Lines of Flight have taken the constraints of the situation, having to work remotely and having no access to a recording studio, and use these creatively to create something new and unique.

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