Majesty Palm bring out atmospheric energy with new single ‘Peace of Mind’

Majesty Palm release ‘Peace of Mind’, a vibrant blend of indie-pop, new wave and funk. The Glasgow-based duo, comprising of Olivia McCosh and Cameron Robertson, take influences from the likes of Sigrid, The Japanese House or The 1975.

‘Peace of Mind’ opens with a thumping, almost hypnotic club bass, topped with Olivia’s dreamy vocals, treated with atmospheric reverb and delay. It builds up with gritty disco claps, to take a different direction in the pre-chorus, with Cameron’s indie guitar.

The track excels at creating contrast between the moody verses and the big, electrifying choruses, with a dynamism that keeps the listener involved throughout. The chorus blossoms into a high-energy wall of sound, with a full dance kit, tight backing vocals, enveloping synths and a guitar part that provides a perfect complement to the vocal hook, filling in the gaps in a most gratifying way.

Majesty Palm self-produce their material and experiment with combining a variety of different musical styles to create something new. This certainly leads to interesting and unique results which stand out amongst the crowd, as heard in their new single. The production is polished and actual, with plenty of low end, saturation effects and a pushed limiter, giving the track a kind of satisfying lo-fi effect, but with a fresh, pop quality and plenty of energy evocative of the club.

Olivia’s vocals, soulful with a crisp edge, have that mainstream appeal, the kind that turned Dua Lipa or Rita Ora into super stars. Add into the mix a catchy top line, driving beats, big synths and a super funky bass, and you’ve got yourself an excellent banger.

The band have got three singles lined up for the year, starting with ‘Peace of Mind’. With promises of live sessions featuring two stripped-back tracks, we will be keeping a close eye on Majesty Palm’s socials, and suggest that you do too:

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