The Lovelines release enthralling single ‘Dark Thoughts About a Pretty Flower’

The Lovelines, a brother and sister duo new to the scene, released “Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower” on Valentine’s Day in 2022, following on from their successful debut, “Strange Kind of Love” at the start of the year.

The blend of jazzy, soulful vocals over live band elements, driving trip-hop rhythm section, angular chord changes, electric guitar and quirky song construction is very engaging, and takes the listener through a solid melange of influences and genres in a few short minutes. The repeating lyrics, especially in the chorus (“dark thoughts, pretty flowers”), serve almost like a hypnotic spell sung by a musical enchantress whose vocal tone recalls a delightful blend of Amy Winehouse and Arlo Parks.

On the meaning of the song, the Lovelines remark:

“‘Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower’ was written to be free to interpret. There’s an art to not saying too much, we think. Is it a song above love or is it a song about a literal flower? Is it a song about pessimism, or is it a song about perversion?”

The Lovelines are for sure an exciting new project that brings a fresh sound to the table, and is already doing great on Spotify by being featured in several editorial playlists.

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