Jake Huffman releases nostalgic indie rock anthem ‘Giving it a Try’.

Jake Huffman’s dreamy single “Giving it a Try” is a nostalgic, yet feel good indie rock anthem. Released on the 25th of March, Huffman’s latest offering is part of the upcoming “Adderall & Whisky” EP, an homage to an untamed dreamer traveling the country in a young rock band.

Jake Huffman, known as the drummer for Hartford-based rock band McLovins, started his solo venture in 2019 with his first release premiered on NPR’s World Cafe in October of that year. With touring plans cut short in 2020, Huffman spent his new-found time honing his songwriting and production skills in his home studio, resulting in the EP “Adderall & Whisky”, which is due to release later in April.

‘Giving it a Try’ is a fine showcase of Huffman’s Chris Martin-esque vocals, ranging from husky and hushed verses, leaping up an octave to a more held back, earnest tone in the pre-choruses and letting loose in the choruses. The passionate singing is backed by vibrant electric guitars, driving bass and hard-hitting drums, all brimming with the kind of energy that deserves to be unleashed on a concert arena.

Huffman’s aching nostalgia towards his earlier years touring with McLovins is felt strongly. It is there in the stylistic nods to the 90s and 2000s and the music we grew up to, it is there in the lyrics, and it is there in the emotion in his voice. It’s a feeling shared by a generation, in an era of copy-paste songwriting, faux-retro synthesisers and TikTok, “Giving it a Try” is an offering that is sure to resonate with millennials.

“Giving it a Try” is available on all platforms now!

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