Reno Cruz serves new heavenly love song with ‘Around U’

‘Around U’, from the album ‘Falling In Love is Not That Hard’, was released by Chicago-based recording artist, Reno Cruz at the beginning of the year.

After a short introduction that sets the celestial theme, the single immediately grabs your attention with the bold use of creative effects on the voice: a baby-like effect in the introduction guides us through, to reveal Reno’s smooth, unprocessed vocals, reinforced by blissful harmonies.

Cosy verses, backed up with acoustic guitar, bass and drum kit, contrast the choruses, which feature extra reverb, dreamy backing vocals and breathy, wind-like synthesisers. 

On the track, Cruz remarks:

“I wanted to channel this feeling of being the less powerful body in a relationship, like a satellite or a comet orbiting a star. There’s the tension between heaven and earth, fantasy and reality.”

The choruses certainly succeed in giving the feeling of floating in space. At only 2:18, ‘Around U’ is a short but sweet dose of chill downtempo indie, ending abruptly with the punchline, “You’re the Sun and I’m your Moon / If we try, I’d just be orbiting around you”.

This is a short but sweet love song that leaves the listener wanting more. We recommend checking out Reno Cruz’s full album, ‘Falling In Love is Not That Hard’.

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