Edison Miller releases anthemic single ‘Lucid’

London-based artist Edison Miller enters 2022 with a bang with anthemic and defiant indie-pop earworm, ‘Lucid’, for the production of which he teamed up with with Grammy award winning producer Cameron Craig (Tom Grennan, Amy Winehouse, Adele).

The rebellious track features a catchy guitar riff supported by a punchy drums and bass and a chanting chorus, and is about generational defiance in the face of the failings of our predecessors.

Miller describes the track as: “an expression of individualism, empowerment & being who you are unquestionably. Sticking it to the man. A younger generation being blamed by previous reckless generations & emotionally & economically hit by the failings of an irresponsible government.”

The track opens with the central guitar hook, played by Ben Lochrie, and a thumping full-band arrangement with bass courtesy of Pete Hutchinson and Harry Pope smashing the drums, before stripping back to dreamy guitar chords and electronic beat and vocals at the start of the verse. This only lasts for a moment before the band are back with a soupy bass and drum rhythm driving us forward to the chorus, which is a high-energy call-and-response between the guitar hook and the chanting of snappy lyrics:

“We do what we want/ They say that we are dangerous/ Try to prove a point/ But they ain’t never gonna change us”.

The verses are very short, dreamy affairs, drawing stark contrast to the rest of the track in an effective way. This also means that most of the song is repeated, which really helps it stick in your memory after it has finished. The climax of the song features an engaging instrumental section / solo which leads into a quiet build up, that maintains the restless, rebellious vitality and brings us to the last chorus with extra wham. 

With its zest and rousing energy, “Lucid” manages to deliver an important message, all the while staying memorable and easy on the ears – the quality of every veritable anthem.

Miller is an accomplished musician, having played in bands since the age of 15, starting out with covers and trying his hand at the odd original or two, but it wasn’t until 2020 that he started working on a new solo project, having featured on a friend’s record. Miller takes his inspiration from nostalgically driven 90’s and 2000’s alternative / indie rock and bands such as Blossoms, Foo Fighters and Two Door Cinema Club.

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Norrisette draws a dream in ethereal single “When”

UK singer-songwriter Norrisette recorded and produced her latest single “When” in her house in Stockport. It’s an intimate gem that has the power to transport the listener not only to another time, but to another dimension.

Norrisette’s soprano vocals remind us of Kate Bush, in that they have that haunting quality that characterises the iconic musician. But in this track, Norrisette is a hushed soprano; the tone is soft and sweet, as if trying not to disturb one’s sleep, and eerie, with a dreamlike quality.

In fact, the whole song feels surreal. From the electric piano echoing lullaby, music-box like tones, to the unexpected and interesting chord changes, and the double-tracked effect of the vocals with almost whispered delivery, everything combines to create a soundscape that perfectly evokes the feeling of being in a dream. It is even more impressive that she manages to achieve that only with her vocals and a keyboard!

Talking about the song, Norrisette explains:

The song describes and inhabits a dream about someone who turns out to be part of the soul of the singer, maybe she is singing about herself. I’ve heard it said that everyone we dream about is a side of ourselves.

It is definitely a great concept, well crafted both musically and lyrically, and one of the more interesting lockdown creations. The lyrics are simple, but it is the simplicity that compliments and adds charm to the illusion – the naivety of a dream. As she discovers and connects to her inner self, the artistic voice communicates with more than words.

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KTEE serves relatable anthem about the journey to self-love with ‘Back in Time’

KTEE (Katharina Aigner) is an Austrian singer based in Vienna. Her latest single ‘Back in Time’ is a relatable electro pop offering about wishing to go back in time to tell her younger self that everything will be all right, and that what seemed like insurmountable issues at the time will one day become insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

The confidence that comes with maturity reflects in the vocal delivery. The melodies are sung with conviction, and it is obvious that KTEE is an accomplished vocalist with a great technique, soulful tone and a recognisable timbre.

The song has a crisp arrangement, with a groovy synth bass that supports the arrangement and adds to the danceable feel of the track, and synth patterns reminiscent of the Chain Smokers. It wastes no time with introductions, and gets to the chorus before the 50 seconds mark, like a veritable pop bop. The chorus is catchy and well crafted. We also especially enjoyed the short but sweet middle eight with the change in the chord progression and the ‘sci-fi’ synth accentuating the time-machine narrative.

The punchy lyrics punchy are written in retrospective, effectively depicting the image of young KTEE as an outsider at school, and the journey to achieving self-love, to being comfortable in one’s skin and becoming a successful person despite the mean comments and people who were bringing her down.

Photo credit: Bern Wagner

Taking about the song, KTEE explains:

Life can be tough and sometimes it is not easy to believe that everything is going to be okay again and that time actually is indeed a great healer. Sometimes you need a little distance to see things more clearly.

Overall, KTEE’s new single is radio-ready pop hit, well-crafted and well-delivered, and based around a witty idea that many of us will be able to relate to.

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Tiny Anthem transports us to luxury lounge bar with new single ‘Take My Money’

Tiny Anthem is the moniker of Danish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Monrad.

‘Take My Money’ was recorded during lockdown, the lyrics reflecting the longing for something that we’ve all been missing: going away for a change of scenery, holidays and entertainment.

As Peter is a bassist with a ton of experience, having toured all over the world, it’s not a surprise that the track is fantastically groovy and relies on an excellent bass line that is both rhythmical and melodic, moving up and down the scales effortlessly.

Add to that a funky guitar, a mellow retro lead synth and a delicious chord progression, and you get an instrumental that reminisces of 80’s lounge funk/soul music, and could fit on an Ibiza Chill compilation, therefore recreating perfectly the intended holiday vibes. In fact, when I closed my eyes and first listened to the track, I could visualise a classy late night party on a yacht in Monaco, some decades ago, where everybody is dressed up and sipping expensive cocktails.

Just like Tame Impala, who Tiny Anthem reminds me of, the track becomes even more impressive when one realises that everything on it is the work of only one person, including the vocals that deliver the melodies with ease, including the pretty catchy ‘Shut up and take my money’ hook in the chorus.

Talking about the track, Peter says:

“I want to make music that grooves and moves people. I love 90s hiphop and all their original samples and I want to have that come through in my music.”

I’d say that it does come through brilliantly, and the inspiration most likely goes back even further than the 90’s. One thing is for sure though, ‘Take My Money’ is one hell of a groovy track!

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Katie Kittermaster releases bittersweet summer bop ‘Out of Love’

Katie Kittermaster is a pop singer-songwriter on the rise, hailing from Kent, England. With impressive stats on Spotify and TikTok, and a sold out headline show in London this September, she has recently secured a publishing deal with BMG.

Her latest song ‘Out of Love’ is a radio-ready pop single with bittersweet lyrics, a driving pop beat and a remarkably catchy chorus.

The song doesn’t waste time with instrumental introductions and dives straight into the verse, introducing us to Katie’s gorgeous voice, which has a uniquely sweet timbre and manages to project strength while staying youthful and vulnerable.

Just like with Katie’s other previous releases, the production is top-notch, but with more upbeat, summery vibes, and peppered with ear candy and reverb throws. We especially enjoyed the engaging pop guitars, and the vocoder harmonies, and also the unexpected minor chord brought in at the end of the middle eight.

The lyrics are evocative and relatable, simple words painting an engaging narrative of scenes from the past relationship, or addressing the lover that she is now ready to move on from. Talking about the inspiration behind the song, Katie says:

“Out Of Love” is a track about realising a love you once knew has turned bitter and quite honestly boring. I think I’m safe to say this feeling was mutual, thank god!! However it still sucked.

One thing that definitely doesn’t suck is Katie’s new single, and we are looking forward to hearing of her future music career achievements – they are sure to come!

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Josh Savage – ‘In Too Deep’

Josh Savage shares accomplished second single “In Too Deep” from upcoming album ‘Another Life’, out in February 2022 on Savage Tribe Records.

‘In Too Deep’ is a tasteful love song that beautifully depicts the excitement and fear that come with the realisation of having irreversibly fallen in love. 

Recorded in Berlin, the newly adopted home of the British musician, ‘In Too Deep’ stands out through flawless production and Josh’s expert songwriting. The moody intro set the tone beautifully, with engaging guitar and soothing, immersive vocal layers. Josh’s wistful voice carries through the tune effortlessly, in a way that reminded us of Catfish and the Bottlemen. 

In fact, Josh has supported them on tour, along with other renown acts such as Kodaline or Jack Savoretti, among other impressive accolades such as millions of Spotify streams, and over 700 live shows. The experience and skilled musicianship are apparent in this release, and even more so in some of his earlier, rawer releases on Spotify. However, song like ‘In Too Deep’ or his previous single ‘Young Fools’, hit the perfect balance between honest songwriting and polished sound that can compete with any mainstream release.

The pre-chorus is quite catchy in itself, and opens up into a soaring chorus, that is at once engaging and enveloping, while maintaining an introspective feel. The backing vocals repeating the line ‘is this what it’s like’ seem like a peek into the artist’s stream of consciousness, as if observing its own mental state while incredulously falling in love.  

Talking about the song, Josh explains that ‘In Too Deep’ is about the uncontrollable feeling of falling in love, like the sensation of being pulled underwater.

What is interesting is that the musician was never one we’re writing love songs. However, things change:

“When I first set out writing songs, I promised myself never to have the word “love” in them. I felt songs that did were cheesy and cliché. And then I met someone – in Paris of all places. We hand wrote letters to each other, sent them across the ocean and met all over the world. I finally understood ‘love’ and hard as I tried, could not find a replacement, no other word did it justice so I caved in and broke my own rules.”

Here is the first single of the album, ‘Young Fools’, to get more of a taste of what’s too come. 

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Lucid Letters & W0lfpak – ‘Traveling’

“Lucid Letters” is the artist name of UK singer-songwriter and producer Caryl Archer. “Traveling” is her latest release, in collaboration with producer W0lfpak.

“Traveling” is synth pop at its finest, a delicious mix of arpeggiators, synths and drum machines with catchy melodies and a strong vocal delivery.

The track know exactly what it is: from the beginning we are introduced to the sound of lush retro synths followed by a 80s drum fill that transports us (or rather gets us ‘traveling’?) straight into older times abounding of nostalgia. After a short but sweet verse, we are taken into a powerful chorus, beautifully layered with tight harmonies. Caryl’s velvety but powerful vocals show a wide range and intertwine in a call and response manner with a vigorous lead synth to create a perfectly memorable chorus.

Talking about the meaning of the song, the artists explains that is about taking control of one’s future, about doing the hard work of finding out who you are and what you’re meant to be doing, because we’re all headed the same way, we’re all going to die one day. ”

Our only complaint is that the song ends too quickly! We were almost expecting a classic fade out ending. As it is, it only leaves us wanting more, and looking forward to future releases!

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