Lucid Letters & W0lfpak – ‘Traveling’

“Lucid Letters” is the artist name of UK singer-songwriter and producer Caryl Archer. “Traveling” is her latest release, in collaboration with producer W0lfpak.

“Traveling” is synth pop at its finest, a delicious mix of arpeggiators, synths and drum machines with catchy melodies and a strong vocal delivery.

The track know exactly what it is: from the beginning we are introduced to the sound of lush retro synths followed by a 80s drum fill that transports us (or rather gets us ‘traveling’?) straight into older times abounding of nostalgia. After a short but sweet verse, we are taken into a powerful chorus, beautifully layered with tight harmonies. Caryl’s velvety but powerful vocals show a wide range and intertwine in a call and response manner with a vigorous lead synth to create a perfectly memorable chorus.

Talking about the meaning of the song, the artists explains that is about taking control of one’s future, about doing the hard work of finding out who you are and what you’re meant to be doing, because we’re all headed the same way, we’re all going to die one day. ”

Our only complaint is that the song ends too quickly! We were almost expecting a classic fade out ending. As it is, it only leaves us wanting more, and looking forward to future releases!

Find out more about Lucid Letters on Instagram, Facebook and official website.

Find out more about W0lfpak on Instagram.

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