The Sea Suns – ‘Lighter’

The Austin, Tx. / Vancouver, BC based duo release “LIGHTER”, a vibey synth pop single that could be the lovechild of Oh Wonder and Tame Impala.

This laid-back track kicks off with a pounding, disjointed 80’s style bass, before surprising you with a trap-like drum beat. The chorus opens out with a dreamy soundscape of catchy vocal samples, harmonies and the main hook (…”You walk a little lighter”…).Will Evans and Marina Bennett’s voices unison in dreamy melodies throughout the track. You’d be forgiven for associating this format with Oh Wonder, however THE SEA SUNS have their own distinctive style, and their music packs an eclectic mixture of influences. 

‘LIGHTER’ is a fantastic piece, and we’re looking forward to seeing what else THE SEA SUNS have in store.

Find out more about The Sea Suns on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

Song added to the Indie Gems Spotify playlist.

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