Jacqueline Loor – “I Broke My Heart”

Jacqueline Loor is a songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and producer from Miami, now based in Tenerife. Her latest release “I Broke My Heart” is a moving introspective piece about making the wrong choices and getting hurt in the process.

This is the first song that Jacqueline has produced, and she has succeeded marvellously. “I Broke My Heart” is a cinematic, excellently layered piece of music peppered with small details that keep it interesting at all times. It sounds good, but most importantly, evokes emotion, provokes thought and certainly showcases Jacqueline’s strongly emotive personality not only through the writing, but also through the production. It’s raw at times, gentle at others, a bewitching inner monologue delivered with honesty and sensibility.

Throughout the song, the textures rise and fall, swell and envelope constructing a dramatic ambience of strings, droning pads and synths and filmic percussion. It’s almost as if the inner voice oscillates between self-blame, and trying to be gentle with one’s self. The (literal) whispers of the consciousness draw us on a spiralling path overfilled with questions and self-doubting thoughts, surging all the way to the painful admission “I’m sadder than anyone else”.

But this not an admission of defeat, it is a merely a first step on the journey of self-healing and self-discovery. Talking about the inspiration behind the song. Jacqueline explains:

“This song is about someone realizing they are always left heartbroken not because someone else broke their heart, but because they themselves keep choosing the wrong partner. They don’t feel they are worthy and they don’t feel like they are enough, so they always settle for someone who doesn’t make them happy. And instead of being alone, they just keep choosing the wrong people, until one day they realize they have the power to stop the heartbreak.
It’s necessary to take responsibility for those choices to help guide your future choices. I hope this song helps give people that
same ‘aha’ moment that I had.”

We hope to hear more from Jacqueline Loor, and definitely more self-produced songs such as this gem.

Stream “I Broke My Heart” on all platforms.

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