Jacqueline Loor and Sunflower Summit hold out a helping hand with “Carry Through”

Jacqueline Loor is not a new apparition on Indie Gems. We have previously featured her heart-wrenching self-produced song “I Broke My Heart” (read here), and we are happy to see she is back with a new single, this time a collaboration with Chicago-based singer-songwriter Sunflower Summit. Like many other musical happenings over the past year, this collaboration was undertaken remotely through Zoom sessions, after the two met on an online course.

We hope our song "Carry Through" helps those people who are hurting right now. We hope they know and can feel that they are not alone".

“Carry Through” is a touching piano-powered pop ballad, delivered with delicacy and warmth.

From the very first line, the lyrics strike with their loaded simplicity that packs a punch: “You think you have forever, until you don’t”. Just like with the first line in a book, it’s a testament to the writing prowess of Jacqueline and Maria to open up with such a powerful first verse.

A song about togetherness and relying on another human being to help one out through dark times, it is only appropriate that this is a collaboration. The two voices blend together beautifully to carry through (pun intended) this beautiful tune. 

Our favourite part was the outro, which sticks to the realms of athmospheric pop, but really has anthemic potential.

Find out more about Jacqueline Loor on Instagram, Facebook and her own website.

Find out more about Sunflower Summit on Instagram, and also check out her Kickstarter campaign to help fund her new album.

This coverage was created via Musosoup.

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