Couch – ‘Black Bear Lane’

Boston-based six-piece Couch aims to reshape familiar pop tropes in fresh ways with the help of extensive funk, R&B, and rock influences. In advance of their EP due to be released on 26th Feb, the band surprises us with a preview, in the form of a single that has just been made available on Spotify. 

“Black Bear Lane” is a special treat for anyone in need of a dose of healthy soul pop. Opening with a delightful, almost orchestral fourteen second overture of lush horns, the track quickly falls back to a stripped-back band arrangement supporting the silky sounds of the lead vocals. With chilled, jazzy harmonies, dynamics accentuated by swelling brass, and a sweet sax solo to boot, this track is the best of Motown and modern indie production combined.

Find out more about Couch on Facebook and Instagram.

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